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Jesse Garg

General Manager and Executive Chef

Jesse Garg came to the United States of America about two decades ago from the Northern part of India. He has had a passion of cooking since he was seven years old because he grew up watching his father cook, as a chef. He learned from his father’s shared recipes and cooking skills. His father always had a dream to open a pub or a restaurant in the United States. Therefore, this was always a goal for Jesse; to fulfill his father’s dream.
Jesse Garg Started his restaurant career working at Grinders restaurant as General Manager. In over 20 years of his restaurant career, Jesse worked as a Culinary Manager, Service Manager and General Manager of HomeTown Buffet, Grinders restaurant, and Olive Garden restaurant, one of largest family Italian restaurant chain.
Jesse Garg also helped his wife to open their first Indian restaurant in San Marcos, San Diego and branched out the Indian restaurant and open more restaurants in Carlsbad, San Marcos, and Temecula. This way he fulfilled his father’s dream. Jesse is passionate about his service and cooking skills. He is a professional Northern Indian restaurant Master Chef and still creates flavorful recipes for his restaurants and catering patrons. He also got invited by television morning show Channel 8 of San Diego to perform his cooking skills, where he displays the cooking tips for one his signature Dish recipe.
Due to his love of restaurant & hospitality business industry; and experienced culinary manager of one of the largest chain of Italian restaurants, Jesse has decided to join a group of entrepreneurs to open Italian restaurants. As a General Manager and Executive Chef, Jesse is opening his own First Italian restaurant, La Cucina in Fallbrook, CA.
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