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Limoncello Cake
A Tasty Combination Of Lemon Custard And Light Mascarpone Vanilla Cream
Tiramisu' Cake
The Most Traditional cake in Italy: a great combination of Coffee and marsala wine, layered with vanilla sponge, wet with coffee and dusted with cocoa powder
Cheeseberry Tart -GF-
A Creamy New York Cheesecake Filling With Sparse Berries On Top And Glazed With Orange Marmalade In A Crust Of GLUTEN FREE Sugar Dough
Chocolate Mousse
Light And Tasty Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse Mixed With Pieces Of Fresh Raspberries
New York Cheesecake
A tasty combination of Lemon Custard and light mascarpone Vanilla Cream
Italian CannoliCheesecake -GF-
Mango-Coconut Cake
Double Layered Vanilla Sponge Cake Filled With Coconut Bavarian Cream Topped With Mango Mousse
Lava Cake
A Warm Chocolate Cake Centered With Melting Belgian Chocolate
Mini Assorted (Each)
Bite Size Explosion Of Flavors: Pistacchio-Vanilla Chocolate-Raspberry Lemon-Vanilla Caramel Chocolate Mango-Coconut
Any Assorted 3 $9.99
Any Assorted 5 $16.99
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